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The song happens to be the theme music from This Week in Baseball, what he calls his "Big Glory" music, accompaniment to the finest moments of his life.

Stu worries that Andrew might be in deep and cautions him about moving too fast.

Her jealousy forces her to commission Stephie to find out as much she can about Brooke and quickly arrange a date with Mike, a vapid but hunkish co-worker.

Andrew suffers through his date with Brooke, while having Stu recon Zelda's date.

Andrew escorts her to the proper department, and they discuss if they have already met.

Later, she calls him at his desk, as her office is in the adjacent building visible from him.

Inside, he has crafted a personalized bicycle license plate, spelling out her name by combining several other nameplates into one. She marches into Wallflower, telling him that she loves it and his confession about his "Big Glory" music.

They each also insist to not wanting to see other people.

Hours later, she finds dashboard camera footage of Andrew being arrested outside an Oakland Raiders game.

Although outraged, she gives him a chance to mention it, but he fails to do so. He explains that it was 10 years ago and the cops had it out for him. Back at Wallflower, CEO Lydia begins snooping on her staff via their computer webcams. Howard explains that Big Bird is a high-ranking member of the Sesame Street hierarchy. Meanwhile, Dinesh and Lora leave Andrew a USB flash drive with Zelda's Wallflower profile and a few other secrets on it. Zelda later apologizes for invading his privacy and his trust.

Andrew sneaks to better hear and see them, not noticing that he's crouched down against a parked police car.

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