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“I expect you to handle it with a sense of responsibility though … I became a teenager in the mid-1980s, as the AIDS crisis took hold, and I was a bit peeved to see this liberty fade away.The Reagan era had arrived, bearing its burden of endlessly multiplying — and sexually sanitized — series, or what my mother called “bubble-gum books.” There was Sweet Valley High (for which, as it turned out, I later wrote) with its size 6 Wakefield twins, and the lesser Sweet Dreams series, with titles like “Ten-Boy Summer” and “Lights, Camera, Love.” For history buffs, there was the Sunfire Series, where a love triangle might ignite alongside the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

You could also find teenage sex with in some largely parent-approved zones, like Madeleine L’Engle’s books.

In “House Like a Lotus,” the adolescent Polly (her mother is Meg, from “A Wrinkle in Time”) dates a medical intern with full parental sanction, then loses her virginity to him.

Andrews’s teenage heroines would star in filth beyond your wildest imaginings: bare-butt spanking, torrid incest, rape-to-romance story lines.

Who can forget the scene in which Cathy Dollanganger is brutally assaulted by her brother, Chris, an act that ignites a five-book, multigenerational incestuous love story?

(Oh, how I loved the heroine of “Caroline,” growing up during the Gold Rush, who cross-dressed to pan alongside her brothers!

) The Baby-Sitters Club and the Girls of Canby Hall presented the first Asian and the first black heroines in mainstream Y.

In other news, Polly has been hanging out drinking and reading philosophy with a lesbian couple, and is on the way to Cyprus, where she will make out a bit with a married man.

(In all fairness, she doesn’t know his status.)These are not books about adults taking advantage. “It’s up to you to decide what’s right and what’s wrong,” Katherine’s mother says in “Forever,” of losing one’s virginity.

(At one point the protagonist, Janey, revels in the dissonance of helping her boyfriend’s mother with dishes only seven minutes before feeling the boy’s erection “practically tearing a hole” in her dress.) Janey frequently wonders what the popular track star Luke, who has all the character development of an American Eagle hoodie, sees in her.

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