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He's also dismayed that the new study assumes that stone-tool technology changed little on Flores for more than a million years.

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Double interesting is the fact that there have been dwarf animal bones found from similar eras on the island, most notably the infamous Proboscidea 'dwarf elephant.' In a nutshell, pun intended, this alludes to the fact that it may have been a lost land of tiny creatures..

The hobbit mystery was sparked by the 2004 discovery of bones on Flores that belonged to a three-foot-tall (one-meter-tall), 55-pound (25-kilogram) female with a grapefruit-size brain.

To help shore up this theory, the team behind the original hobbit discovery is currently looking for evidence on Sulawesi that would prove humans occupied the island even earlier than they did Flores.

Since then, scientists studying the hobbit bones have found features in the wrist, feet, skull, jaw, brain, and shoulders that suggest the little creature descended from something more primitive."I think that's looking increasingly likely from its anatomy," said the Natural History Museum's Stringer.

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