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The upper pane, called the File References Pane, can display file references in a list or in a tree structure.

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Xrefs that have been created in drawing management can automatically make use of project data, while those that are created manually through the xref palette or command line cannot.

For example, a construct that is placed on a specific level will use that level's elevation data to control the Z-axis insertion point when being xrefed into a view.

But since some of their layer colors have been “overridden” meaning that someone changed the color from “BYLAYER” to something else.

It is difficult to get the desired result for your drawing without having to open their drawing…

The Drawing Management feature in Auto CAD® Architecture 2013 uses external references (xrefs) as a means to create a project and maintain it.

This means that elements are referenced into constructs, constructs are referenced into views, and views are referenced into sheets.

When Vis Retain is on, it will inherit the layer settings of a referenced drawing upon insertion.

After that, all layer settings are controlled by the drawing file.

If you are working in a project environment, the best practice for referencing project drawings into other project drawings is to use the Project Navigator rather than the standard Auto CAD Architecture Xref Manager.

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