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I ate my cereal slowly and stared down the hall waiting for my mom to get finished.

I assume this calculated the amout of money guys gave her to do this show. “Well I found out yesterday that my son has been using my underwear…

some clean, some dirty, as cum rags.” she had a smile on her face and she seemed to enjoy telling the story.

Unfortunately she was not online yet so I had to sit and wait.

While pondering my upcoming show, I got another mischievous idea.

Mom’s radio was on and she just kind of stared at the camera and bobbed her head side to side with her muffled radio playing in the background. Unbelievably their was already 65 viewers in the room.

They were all typing message in the public chat to her.

I was forcing my own blue balls and my dick was constantly trying to get comfortable in the snug shorts. “good morning handsome” she said with a cheerful tone. So I will get lunch ready around 11ish” she said with the smirk of a person thinking about an inside joke. I pulled rather tight and squished her mammoth tits right against the side of my face. Although it was more important to me than ever before. When I was about 100’ from the house and felt I was clear from her potential view, I ducked into the tree line and returned towards the trailer.

I smiled again when the water turned off and pretended to be gathering things for my departure when I heard moms door open. I was so glad she was approaching what happened so cool. I went to the back of the house and into the small tin shed we use to house our lawnmowers and the few tools we have.

I forced myself into the shower and fought the continuing urges to rub one out as I washed my full mast (yet not impressive) shaft.

After I dressed (in jean shorts to camouflage my continuous hard on) I went to the kitchen for a quick snack.

I guess I was either lazy or in a hurry when I created the account because I used JASON0403 as my username.

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