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For 21 years, Flowers has maintained his innocence.

He's won appeal after appeal, but every time, the prosecutor just tries the case again. And how can the justice system ignore the prosecutor's record and keep Flowers on death row? On the morning of July 16, 1996, someone walked into a furniture store in downtown Winona, Mississippi, and murdered four employees. It was perhaps the most shocking crime the small town had ever seen.

In this episode, we examine the strange histories of the gun and the man who owned it.

Over the years, three inmates have claimed that Curtis Flowers confessed to them that he killed four people at the Tardy Furniture store.

But first we tried to learn all we could about him: his childhood, his years as a police officer and his record as district attorney.

Then, finally, we met the man who's spent more than two decades trying to have Flowers executed.

In this episode, we meet the witnesses who said they saw Flowers walking through downtown Winona, Mississippi, the morning of the murders. Investigators never found the gun used to kill four people at Tardy Furniture.

Yet the gun, and the bullets matched to it, became a key piece of evidence against Curtis Flowers.

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