Live amition web cam sax - Wsus server clients not updating

Since they have been installed they have gotten 0 updates.

wsus server clients not updating-33

I have manually gone through the installed updates on one of the servers in question and verified that these "Not Applicable" updates are not installed.

All these servers are fresh installs and they are in an OU that prevents them from restarting themselves after an update install and I am the only one who manually restarts them.

Every other OS works fine, it is only the 2016 servers that have this problem.

It is definitely a WSUS server problem; if I go into the registry and change it back to Microsofts server it finds updates.

This sounds like the what was effectively being done by the previous paragraph. Uncheck "Upgrades" from the Classifications for your site servers software update point configurations.

Other suggestion was to do the command line "c:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\” “postinstall /servicing” But I haven't gone back through that process yet as I'm waiting for more explanation from MS.

After doing this, I was able to fully patch the server through WSUS- This has been confirmed on two servers in two different environments.

It seems the most important change is the defer updates option to unchecked, but the other ones could also cause update issues based on what I've read around the net.

WSUS will detect but not send updates to any of the 2016 servers.

It shows 0 updates needed, all updates show "installed or not applicable".

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing the problem and how to fix it? If you scan the web you'll see all the things @Redwizard000 tried being suggested so I'd say @Redwizard000 tried really hard to solve this one.

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