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Therefore, the young Ukrainians will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the wide range of studies. I’ve chosen Gdansk University because I didn’t want to go where everyone went, to the capital, to Krakow or Poznan. Before taking up the decision, I visited several cities and finally found myself in Tricity on May holidays.

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On the way back to Kraków stop in Duszniki – a spa famous for its annual August Chopin festivals, commemorating the famous composer’s stay and the charity concert he gave there in 1826.

This is the only such venue in Poland, and one of only three in Europe (the others are in Rome and Kutna Hora in the Czech Republic). The Chapel is lined with the sculls and bones of 3000 victims of the Thirty Years’War and the cholera, while the crypt holds a further 21 thousand.

This huge (120 x 15 m) painting “Battle of Racławice” by Jan Styka depicts the most important battle of the Kościuszko Uprising in 1794 against the Russians.

The round shape of the painting makes viewers feel like they are in the middle of the battle, with special sound effects and voice (multilingual) from the earphones guiding them through the important scenes of the battle.

Which town has 127 bridges, 14 islands, and has had 50 variants of its name over a one thousand year history?

Wrocław, called The Island City, which has been a cross-roads of Polish, Czech, Austrian, German, Jewish and Ukrainian culture.

Stop at Wrocław University with its ornate Baroque Aula Leopolidina constructed in the 18th century, bedecked with paintings, sculpture, and gold-plated stuccoes.

Visit to “People’s Hall”, a modernist concert hall by Max Weber (1913), with a capacity of 6000 seats.

The most precious, original elements are made of Norwegian pine and contain characteristic Viking ornaments.

On the way back, stop in Jelenia Góra – the ancient stronghold founded in the 12th century.

En route stop in Legnica – an ancient stronghold founded before year the 1000, famous for the battle with the Tartars in 1241, which halted their conquest of Europe.

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