World of warcraft dating singles

I'm now on an achievement points/battlegrounds kick, and she'll be hitting the 6k mark in the next couple of days.

I'm also refusing to play any WSG right now, after getting supremely pissed at missing the Ironman/Quick cap achieves by half the length of our tunnel.

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r=Black Dragonflight&n=Draenoriyea...taste it I play, did a search of how many people that listed it on there profiles and there is only 10 women that plat it may be a turn off for them. But other than that, I mess around with all my toons, so I don't get all the time in the world to lvl them in one fell swoop.

r=Maelstrom&n=Dragonoth Notcho would be 70 by now, but I have been working on this dudes Paladin, Bristan, and his Shadow Priest, Ameythst, which I had on holy offensive until he switched it.

meanwhile ive been playin the ah since and i have 3 bankin toons maxed on gold(hint thats bout 250k g each toon) so ya im loaded.

aight, well if u send me a tell bout gold im gonna put u on my ignore list - peace-Nerokos Lvl 80 Orc Warlock Darkspear I play on Shadow Council.

yup i paided him 3k g at the end of the wk and i still had 9k g left x D well i lost my willin 2 b a raider during TBC but the gold farmin helped.

when WOTLK came out i rushed 2 80 and my comp got screwed up and i couldnt play for bout 3 months, so im 3 months behind every1, but my lock is pullin 5.7k dps.I could not find any other topic to post this under so, I was just wondering who all plays the game? My EVE name is Bruits Girian....i play wow and love it. wont ever change to a diff do this a different way instead of saying wich i have ill just give a link from the armory. he showed me how to make lots of g and started me off wit 500g(he paid for my char xfer from smolderthorn 2 darkspear, lol).he said he wanted 3k g bak at the end of the wk and i said k.I played on Arthas server level 80 troll hunter, 80 warrior, 80 warlock.

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