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New Skype is a competitor to i Chat, Google Voice and Google Talk all at once Unfortunately, no, unless you are living in China, where it will still remain active.

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If you encounter some issues, though, you can always voice your concern in the official forums.

[UPDATE] Microsoft introduced Skype instead of Windows Live Messenger, but users were not happy about the updates.

This is a quick explanation from a smart The Verge commenter on the differences between Skype and Windows Live Messenger: Skype was peer to peer, i.e.

messages could be sent only when both parties were online.

The good news is the traditional Skype app for desktop is once again available for download from the official Skype website and it’s listed as the ‘classic Skype’.

Although, users are warned that some of its features may differ when using Windows 10 Anniversary Update or higher versions of the operating system.

So, the simple step is to embrace the Skype experience but we’re strongly suggesting you try the desktop version first, prior to the Windows Store one. Thus, by the end of April 2013, Microsoft has completely phased out support for Windows Live Messenger, so if you’re looking for that “old” experience on Windows 10, Windows 8, it saddens me to say that it will be impossible.

This was the natural thing to happen, even before Microsoft had bought Skype for an immense amount of .5 billion.

Skype required desktop client which led to issues on Mac and Linux with bad updates or lack of updates.

Now that’s solved (well, will be this month or so) because Skype is coming to

And guess what, it was still there, or, at least the search result was.

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