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The Gathering Chapter and both parts of the Final Chapter are bundled together for 800 points. Because the Wii Shop Channel services were closed on March 27, 2018, this title is no longer available for immediate purchase; the buyer must have the requisite Wii Points on the system account by January 30, 2019, or must have transferred the game and its episodes to a Wii U via its transfer tool.

Services for feature phones in Japan were discontinued March 31, 2018 (JST) along with other titles in the Square Enix Mobile portfolio.

is a sequel to Final Fantasy IV, originally released for Japanese mobile phones on February 18, 2008.

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Executive Producer Takashi Tokita has stated the game was released this way so that players would anticipate new chapters like an anime or manga series, and cited the game Live A Live as an inspiration.

The game's feel remained similar to Final Fantasy IV, with sprites being used rather than 3D graphics.

Certain abilities that cost MP can be used with certain party members.

For example, Cecil can execute Holy Blade when Rosa is in the party.

When a command's power is decreased, the command will be shown in red.

When a command is enhanced by a moon phase it is shown in green.

Each character needs to do a specific ability to make the Band ability happen.

Some Bands are learned as the story progresses, but the player can learn others only by "searching" for them during battle and inputting the correct commands.

While returning from an expedition to obtain Ceodore's Proof of Knighthood, the Red Wings, captained by the gruff Biggs, and his second-in-command, Wedge, is attacked by a swarm of monsters.

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