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He is obviously not used to having women authority figures in his life and hates the fact that Hannah can boss him around. If I see that line one more time in the water ........ If so, hopefully she dumped him when she finds out he has a side stew. Is Bobby the most insecure muscle head you've ever seen or what? I've heard it called both, but I can never tell who's using the word correctly. Captain Sandy, like Captain Lee, manages to hold onto her dignity and professionalism in the midst of this reality show shitstorm. Also, those off camera interviews are filmed after filming has wrapped so anything nice he says afterwards could be considered damage control. )Having the Hunk in Andy's audience only proves that he's a friend or employee of the network. She's very aware of her "presence"; at a certain point she even spun around for the camera to get a full shot of her nearly ass-less shorts. Hannah should have known from the beginning that, as a former chief stew, Bugsy would be trouble.

It's also funny that he thinks the women on the ship aren't attracted to him because Hannah talks shit on him. Then again, he doesn't really seem to say much, either. God, now HE'S after the blonde slut just to try and convice himself he's desirable. He's the only one not slobbering over Malia and making a fool of himself. It must be very hard for a woman to get respect from the crew. Wes is 100x a better man, and if she wants Adam over Wes, then she deserves that tool. Who's right, as to their use of salon versus saloon? I love the way she maintains her composure when dealing with this idiot crew. Bobby's one of those guys who was probably a total geek growing up - not good-looking, tall and skinny and a complete nerd. The guests are thrilled with Hannah and that's what's important in this job. But to go directly to Bobby, Hannah's sworn enemy - and a cretinous goon, to boot - was unbelievably cunty.(Of course, I'm pretending this is all real.

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(Chef Ben just laughed at her, finally saying, "I miss you, too, baby," which was followed by more of Chef Ben's classic laughter.)The second most embarrassing scene: "Dumb Blond" Bobby's talking head about the "cougars": "They could be mean and scratch, or they can be nice and cuddle! He's creepy with the girls, and super competitive with the guys. There was no back stabbing in this episode, just people apologizing and moaning about life in general. AND HE IS, i i was with a very well known playgirl model for over 2 years. (It was a subtle slight; but it sent a powerful message.)(Is such social slight common practice in the Lesbiterrian world? Then she trots around showing private computer messages to everyone. The stalker chef would scare anyone with his aggressive "flirtation".

"(Is it any wonder "Dumb and Dumber" hooked up together? And I love all the Bobby underwear shots because the camera usually cuts off his head. Looks like later in the season he takes a swing at Wes. Production has to do something to keep us watching. Wizz won the WWHL poll over Chef Psycho by a landslide.

They are not attracted to him because he is an ugly, dumb, immature frat boy. Am I the only one who found the bearish daddy who hates onions hot? He seems like a genuinely nice guy and proved it when he gave the crew a big tip in spite of psycho Adam.[quote] Am I the only one who found the bearish daddy who hates onions hot? His whole circle of friends look like they could totally get into the bi-sex. Meatheads like Bobby are always second guessing her because she's a female captain, and guys like Adam feel like they can get away with shit because she's a woman. She's hands on, and I feel like she's very competent. When Bobby was 'helping' with the anchor situation a few episodes back his attitude was grounds for dismissal. In an attempt to get acceptance, he started lifting weights and working out and got a hot body, thinking that would solve all his problems. Does anyone else think that Hanner really is incompetent and a terrible chief stew? The onion guy said that Hannah and her crew saved the trip for them. You might as well play along...)I cannot imagine being on a ship with all those nosy, narcissistic, posing brats.

Bobby seems like the kind of guy that won't let his gf have any friends and wants her to be with him 24/7. And his call to his mom about teh girl that dumped him because he was a fireman was uncomfortable. Last year, there was a threesome with the Okies, but they never stated who was in the threesome. He sounded like a little kid when he was complaining about the onions. He never would have spoken to a male captain like that. She didn't go off on him but she did correct him and show him who's boss. But he's still an insecure geek inside, and he can't understand it when a girl prefers another guy over him. I know she's dealing with assholes but she really seems like a fuck up. Considering she has psychos Adam and Bobby screaming in her face daily, I'd say she's handled this season well. As obnoxious as he was last season, I never dreamed Bobby could become more disgusting. Her initiating / encouraging physical contact is beyond inappropriate. Same thing with her doing this to her coworkers as well. Even for $1500 a week it would be mental and physical torture.

She's tongued other dudes in front of him yet chef wants more! Sandy saw her and said under her breath, "there's a family on that other yacht."Yeah whatever, Sandy. The streets in Croatia still had bomb holes and some of the structures were down, but Dubrovnik seemed untouched. I remember specifically during #MDLM she sent her little dog in for a teeth cleaning and he ended up dying due to too much anesthesia. I think Bobby handled the Malia news really well at first.

She's a fucking spoiled cunt, R266."I think that they didn't deliver what they promised, and they are very unprofessional."What a dumb, entitled bitch. I don't blame him for being pissed off when he found out she and Wezzz kissed. Actually I'm sure Cap'n Lez encouraged Wez to go for Malia.

Bobby is a 14 year old girl in a gay man's body..; hot mess. And let me say, that pose of him standing there with his cock out does not at all seem like it was intended for a girl. Though Chef Ben hooked up with Lauren, he and Em's (the beloved "Bucked Tooth Brit Girl") appear to still be together. When Malina first confronts Lauren her hair is straight. While the group is partying in a bar at the end of the episode, Chef Adam says to Bugsy:" . The Hannah's, you name it; I've had them."Close your eyes while listening to this and you'd swear it was horny Chef Ben boasting (without the English accent)! Melia had better run to the First Aid kit to pop some antibiotics, fast, after that kiss with Wez! Her demeanor is probably all about securing future charters. R133 What he says and what he does are clearly two different things. Captain Sandy was in the WWHL audience last night and I guess Ms. Sandy has probably encountered this thousands of times and wants to avoid it so she's chilly to other out lesbians. Lauren is the only one who's keeping her vajayjay out of this Wes. Hanner talking about professionalism after what she did (even if it was fake and staged) is ridiculous. Did I hear Capn Sandy right when she told Wez to find a new deckhand (meaning get rid of Malina? I would be less skeptical if he had shamelessly and relentlessly (and harmlessly) flirted with cute little "Bugs" the entire cruise instead.(Actually, this would have been entertaining to watch. Poor Wizz is walking into an STD nightmare with that one.

Bobby throwing a bitch fit because he wasn't allowed to treat the near-naked blonde's cut foot was classic. His low self esteem is obvious and so severe that it prohibits him from relaxing long enough to work efficiently. Kate implied that he was really into Emily and they were still together. So far none of the Med guys have dropped trou online. They started an online cooking show in January 2017, and there is still a photo of her on his Instagram page.(Chef Ben has hooked up with 5 stews since the start of this series; so that makes it a new stew-hook up every season! Moments later she confronts her again and this time her hair is braided. Maybe they had to reshoot one of their scenes and no one realized her hair had changed? Adam is a total douche and I have a feeling he'll be sent home before the season is over. Bugsy and Max are too smart to play for the camera. While Wez was talking in the crew lounge with Bugsy about his kiss with Melia, he appears to be sporting the makings of a big ol' COLD SORE (HSV) on his lower-right lip! She's not going to go wild on WWH or anywhere else I would think. I've seen plenty of them in the Adriatic and many can be insufferable, but she seems steady and fair. He certainly wasn't aiming to impress Sandy after he mouthed off to her. She probably would have walked around in a state of "Perpetual Blush"! The deckhand's girlfriend, the "dancer in Dubai," is either effing around on him or soon will be.

Max is just cute and dumb, let's hope he doesn't turn out to be an asshole like Bryan. Bobby's back and he's even more deplorable than last season. all the gay billionaire trolls here in los angeles. watching this woman on tv , in just a few mins i recognized greatness . Pretty amusing when Andy mentioned how Letterman dropped SB as a guest. I'm happy that Captain Sandy is getting so much love here. She speaks of having compassion for people and yet she does not take any bullshit.

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