Whos been dating hannah waterman

‘With Hannah it was almost love at first sight for me…but she needed a bit more convincing! This is a list of characters from the soap opera East Enders ordered by the year in which they made their final appearance.

After the divorce Dennis hit rock bottom; he said he had been decimated financially and was close to a nervous breakdown.

While Rula has come to terms with being shunned by Waterman and his daughters, Han- nah and her older sister Julia, she cannot understand why they have cut out her own daughter, Lara, from their lives, even though they all grew up together. “When Dennis and i got together Hannah was only six and the girls were like sisters. She’s tried to make contact but they have cut her off.

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Speaking about his new lover, Groves said: "She’s a bit older than me, which I like – we have the perfect relationship."The actor also admitted that the reason he is taking part in the diving show is so that she can shed some weight.

Acting is my trade, but it's not the most physical of jobs," he told the Daily Star.

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Waterman, 38, left her husband after four years of marriage on New Year's Eve 2009, and the actor admits that he did struggle to move on at first."It took me a long, long time to get over what happened; it was the lowest I’d ever been," he told the newspaper.

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