Who is the lead singer of mumford and sons dating

This reminds me of Pope Francis, who has accepted the label of "Holy Father" but prefers to refer to himself as the "Bishop of Rome." He's not denying his role as pontiff, but he is telegraphing the idea that he is much more comfortable with a more humble position.

He is a shepherd who likes to, as he told crowds during Holy Week, be amid the "smell" of his sheep.

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I don't care what Mumford or Bono or the pope call themselves or don't.

Their actions and (other) words tell a story of faith that is much more nuanced, and therefore truer, than any label they might pin over their hearts or have thrust upon them.

Carey is married to Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of Mumford & Sons.

They were childhood pen pals who lost touch and reconnected as adults.

They explore relationships with God and others; fears and doubts; sin, redemption, and most of all, grace. I think the word just conjures up all these religious images that I don't really like.

During an interview last month, the Rolling Stone reporter, Brian Hiatt, asked Mumford whether he "still consider(s) himself a Christian." Mumford gave the following answer: "I don't really like that word. I have my personal views about the person of Jesus and who he was. I've kind of separated myself from the culture of Christianity." His spiritual journey is a "work in progress," Mumford said, adding that he's never doubted the existence of God and that his parents are unbothered by his ambivalence toward the Christian label.

According to Hollywoodlife.com, "Carey Mulligan, 29, is going to be a mom - or should we say mum?

The actress and her husband, Mumford & Sons' lead singer Marcus Mumford, 28, are going to be first-time parents together. " A source speaking to Star magazine said: "“Carey and Marcus are thrilled to welcome their first child...

For now, the couple is keeping mum, but according to Star the pair will make the big announcement in a few weeks.

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