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Will he be able to help his friend as her world falls apart, then lead her to the right road to recovery. After his adventure in the Department of Mysteries, Harry finds a new power over air which gives him confidence.

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Harry was proclaimed dead when he was two years old and ended up in an orphanage. While trying to find his place in the world of magic, he never forgets those whom he views as family.

A seemingly typical NCIS case ends up revealing a mystery related to one of their own. The NCIS family faces questions, changes and the possibility of happy endings.

Decisions made in spur of the moment and words exchanged in a moment of despair and guilt are threats that can't be ignored.

They have their work cut out for them if they want to recover their equilibrium./ Set in season 12.

I was sharing a pen name with my oldest daughter but she doesn't want credit for what I write.2/6/09 I guess I should have more in my profile since people are looking at it.

I'm between 35 and 50, I home school my three kids and for fun I chase plot bunnies and pin them down. I hope that what I write strikes a cord in my readers so I can make a difference in this world.5/4/09 I am so sorry the computer which had the program for me to update my story bit the dust two weeks after the main one died so we are now a one computer household and it doesn't have the right software on it for me to post. I'm still working on Speaker so don't give up on me.2/1/10 I lost the notebooks I was using for Speaker but still remember the basic story I now have a computer that works. Check it out.4/29/10 Updated Speaker for the first time in 14 months. Plan for weekly updates on both Speaker and Savior until savior is complete.6/11/10 I have disabled anonymous reviews because I'm sick of flamers that are too cowardly to sign their reviews and my general answer to such things is no one is forcing you to read my stories so you have your opinion and I have mine.12/11/10 Prongs update is in works have about a third of a chapter hope to have the next by Christmas.2/2/11 Two years on fan fiction whoa.

After almost 2 decades though Tony feels like his secret is fairly safe, which only goes to show that he shouldn't let his guard down..ever.

A late-night phone call from Di Nozzo's phone - placed by ex-girlfriend, ex-accuser Jeanne Benoit, to alert him to a strange man attacking his agent outside a downtown bar - tells Gibbs that Di Nozzo's life has become more complicated than usual.

When Tony's plans for a joyful "family" Christmas get derailed by yet another zinger from Gibbs, it might take a miracle to fix their dysfunctional family.

In the beginning, Mc Gee saw Di Nozzo as the kind of agent he wanted to be some day.

Tony's past comes to call, revealing the violent secrets he'd tried to hide. The investigation of a robbery/homicide brings Gibbs and Tony to a small West Virginia town, where the pursuit of a lead takes a dangerous turn.

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