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————————————————————————————————————————— Most of the above guys got most of their money from endorsment deals, tv shows and movies.

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On the plus side, if he is dedicated to his fam, he could be just as dedicated to you; just make sure you never hate on his mom’s cooking or his 40 year old brother that still lives at home.

While society is becoming more and more accepting of tats, there are still jobs that a fully-tatted person probably won’t be hired for.

Both of Mark’s previous tattoos, a Bob Marley portrait on one bicep and his own initials on the other bicep, look like they’re really bad henna tattoos, like the kind you get on the boardwalk on your family vaca to the Jersey Shore.

Maybe this is because tattoos have evolved since Mark was young, or maybe because the bicep is the most cliché place to get a tat when you’re a little kid.

He’s either really dedicated to his fam, or really dedicated to himself (have fun figuring out which one).

He probably posts shirtless selfies on Instagram and hasn’t realized that it’s no longer cool for guys to get their ears pierced.

I’d challenge you to find a guy who planned out his face tattoo for more than a week, because chances are nearly every guy with a face tat got drunk one day and thought it’d be a good idea to get a flame under his left eyeball.

This guy can’t make plans or rational decisions, and half the time his charming spontaneity is actually pretty idiotic.

The dude who gets tatted on his face is either really ballsy, or really stupid; and 90% of the time it’s the latter.

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