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So, is he dating anyone and if yes then who is that lucky girl? Ryan is very open up on his videos but when the things come to his personal life he prefers to keep his mouth shut.

Also known by the nickname Slopsmcgee, he is a former member of the dance troupe Stepboys who would later join Ryan Higa's production company as a cameraman.

He was the founding member of Stepboys and first appeared on national television with the troupe in 2012 in the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew.

He called this channel as his "freedom channel," because unlike his first channel where he needs to meet people's expectations, he uploads whatever he feels like uploading on his second channel—that includes random videos or deleted scenes that weren't "good enough" to be on his first channel.

He has an older brother named Kyle Higa, who is a radiologist and lives in Las Vegas. They live in Hilo, Hawaii (Ryan's house before he moved to Vegas for college).

The duo first encounters in 2010 with the help of mutual friends but their relationship couldn't last long.

The couple ended their relationship just after a year of dating.

However, the real reason behind their split hasn't revealed yet but it was believed they broke up on a mutual understanding.

Following the break up with Tarynn Nago, Ryan found a new love interest in his life and she is none other than beautiful Andrea Thi.

Ryan Higa is an Asian You Tuber who was born on June 6, 1990 in Hilo, Hawaii (United States). nigahiga is his main channel, where he uploads scripted videos (except for the occasional I Dare You with special guests) like skits, music videos, or rants.

Higa TV, a second channel, is a place where he uploads unscripted stuff like Bloopers and Behind The Scenes, Trip videos, I Dare You, Tee Hee Time, Sean's Room, random games and challenges.

He became known for his trademark mustache, which he initially grew out as a joke.

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