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And back then, color was way over the top, you know what I mean? Let me tell you, Puffy’s told me he's putting out a whole album of Biggie’s—things you haven't heard, some of his demo tapes and stuff—and I was totally against it.

And everything Puffy’s got is still sounding so good, but I just feel that Biggie would be at such an advanced level of rapping by now.

And the more they wink at us as a community—or, better yet, the franker they are when it comes to sex—the brightest they glow in our big, gay eyes.

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Her no-holds-barred fashion sense has propelled beyond the realm of the hip-hop elite and into glossy magazines both here and abroad. A., and she promptly made like a spotlight-bandit and stole the show on hits like “Get Money.” Shortly after, Biggie convinced Kim to go solo, and with a little help from superstar producer “Puffy” Combs, earned instant notoriety—it has since sold 1.2 million copies—Biggie was gunned down in a drive-by shooting barely a year later, an event that shook the hip-hop world to its foundation. Since Biggie, I've just been really, really focused on my career. How am I gonna top my look at the MTV awards, you know what I'm saying?

In the absence of a new album—the long-delayed The Notorious K. M will finally hit stores in early December—she's become a Cher of the rap world, known as much for her public appearances as for her music. And in the wake of Kim's success, a handful of sex-fixated rappers who shall remain nameless (OK, Foxy Brown) started hogging the spotlight that Kim essentially created. The dating thing—it can always wait until I'm ready. I really want to work on becoming an icon in the year 2000. Me, myself, I know what it takes to be an even bigger icon, and that's what I really want to do.

God is just taking me somewhere and I’m not even knowing…he’s just driving saying, “come with me.” I had a whole ‘nother plan for my life, but God had another plan for my life and I just have to go where it’s going.

We’re all aware of the relationship Lil Kim had with the late The Notorious BIG.

I really just been trying to get my body right and just get in shape and prepare for the next level of my career.

Because I feel me going into a whole ‘nother [level], and it’s not me.Gay people have always had divas, from Judy Garland to Barbra Streisand to Diana Ross.Maybe they're just blank slates for our mass projection, but they speak to us. Hip-hop superstar Lil’ Kim is ready to pick up the mantle.“I love to be in someone's house: as a CD, a picture, fan mail, whatever.” She paused for a brief moment to run her long fingernails through the Pamela Anderson Lee wig on her head.“That's really for me.” She’s been called “the black Madonna,” and Lil’ Kim will be the first to admit that she models her own career in that of Ms. She wants to establish herself as an actress, a fashion force, and a label head.They need bodies of work that have endured in spite of bad career moves and repeated turnovers in the pop-culture fun house.

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