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Although many claim there is a consensus within archaeological circles, in reality scholars debate exactly when the camel was first domesticated in the Near East—for any purpose.

The theories range from as late as the 9th century BC to as early as the beginning of the 3rd millennium BC, depending on the availability of data, interpretation of data, and personal opinions, leaving a large range of years in dispute.subscribe to a date for the domestication of the camel between the end of the 12th century BC to sometime in the 9th century BC.

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Continue reading , have been important for use as a draft animal, saddle animal, food source, and even textile source in the Near East for thousands of years.

The dromedary is the most common in the Near East, although both species have been in use by humans in the region for a long period of time.

Finkelstein and Silbermann state, “We now know through archaeological research that camels were not domesticated as beasts of burden earlier than the late second millennium and were not widely used in that capacity in the ancient Near East until well after 1000 BCE.”This stance is similar, but allowing for the possibility of a few centuries earlier on a much smaller scale.

Although several scholars assert that camels were not domesticated in the ancient Near East until about the 9th century BC, it may be significant that “by the middle of the ninth century cavalries were obviously well established, since at the Battle of Qarqar Shalmaneser III faced many men on horseback (and some on the backs of camels).” This use of domesticated camels in the context of the 9th century BC cavalry battle in the Levant suggests that camels had been domesticated for a significant length of time prior to the conflict, as use of a camel in warfare indicates a tradition of reliability in addition to complex training.

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This text is the Broken Obelisk, probably from the reign of Ashur-bel-kala (1074-1056 BC), but some of the reports on it may refer to the time of Tiglath Pileser I (1115-1077 BC).

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