Who is r b singer maxwell dating

Former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams may have officially moved on from her soon-to-be ex-husband Eric Williams to R&B singer Maxwell – at least according to their affection towards each other on Twitter.

Last week Jennifer Williams tweeted a photo of she and Maxwell with the caption, “Me and @_MAXWELL_ last night! Fun times.”Naturally, posting a picture with an attractive, single man will get rumors of a romance going.

Since he had no one to teach him, he was determined to learn by himself.

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He came from the soulful R&B crowd of the late 90’s, dominated by artists such as Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys, giving him plenty of soulful hits from that era that hit home with fans.

But Maxwell has been scattered in his releases, dropping , his last major release of any kind.

His on-stage experience helped him increase his confidence.

Three years later, people started to notice his talent, he was signed to Columbia Records in 2004.

The experience of losing his father influenced his strong religious background.

He spent much of his youth as a loner since he found it difficult mingling with children in his own neighborhood.Surely Jenn and Maxwell know this – even if they’ve been friends for sometime.Most recently Maxwell added to the rumors when he tweeted a photo of two bottles of Theraflu and referenced Kanye’s dedication track to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Jennifer added, “I hope my boo feels better soon.”Hmm…we’re sure BBW fans will take Maxwell over Eric any day.Through his jobs, he learned how to to develop his social skills, improving significantly in the essence of "people communication" and interacting with others on a more personal level.At the age of 19, Maxwell had recoded four demo songs, and showcased them at several events in New York City's clubs.His recent setlists still slant towards this older material, particularly his 2009 release that saw Maxwell usher in what was meant to be a trilogy of albums and it is not known whether this is still the case.

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