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He used to forget some words to his songs but as he says, “I never forget the same ones twice! Rome, Bologna, Como and Turin – 24th, 25th, 27th and 29th May respectively and then 2 days later is my birthday.....

a fitting present to myself it would be to go to all the Italian concerts!

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v=t-d CDn IZvz Q wonderful music and an excellent album! When I posted the above video of A Thousand Kisses Deep I didn't realise that Alexandru Bublitchi, the new member of Old Ideas World Tour was the violinist featured in it.

out-may-11 A soulful anti-war folk song (written by Sydney Carter) from this same album: Crow On The Cradle - You can hear what a deep thinker and humanitarian he was from the beginning especially with the title song "Everyman" on this his second album.

You can read about and hear snippets of each song here from it: ...

v=4Ak0kkx At V4 .....speaking of Xavier Mas, Jackson's latest album from 2010 called Love Is Strange features David Lindley and Xavier Mas.

I’m considering coming to Hydra in the early part of June so this could just be the clincher!

A long way to go from where I live just for a weekend so certainly food for thought.

He's joined in concert by some illustrious Irish musicians, Andy Irvine, Donal Lunny, Paddy Mackin, Liam O'Flynn, Matt Molloy and Noel Hill.

Clearly, the recording caught Jackson Browne's attention.

On that last album which was the first one after the death of his first wife, there was one song that he admits to singing about as the result of her death and that’s “Sleep’s Dark And Silent Gate”.

Another song on that same album called “The Only Child” was written for his son but I think before she died.

You have made me reflect upon what a good songwriter he is, yes. Just a few more thoughts on Jackson Browne - This song has never been released and I really wonder why because it's a good song: Just Like Forever -

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