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, spearheading an episode in the fifth season titled "Hidden." He is also a vintner.

If you don't know what that means (we had to look it up), he basically owns vineyards in his hometown of Occidental, CA.

) Then, in 2004, he starred in his first movie, going on between Max and Kristen.

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He has described himself as a "small town farmboy in general".

Thieriot's family once owned the San Francisco Chronicle; his great-great-grandfather, M. de Young, who was of Dutch Jewish descent, co-founded the paper, and his relatives, Charles and Richard Thieriot, were the editors and publishers of the paper.

In 2015, Max and Lexi welcomed their first baby, a boy named Beaux, into the world.

They're pretty much the most picture perfect family, if we say so ourselves. It's a military drama that will follow an elite team of Navy SEALs during their high-level training and dangerous missions.

He runs the vineyards alongside his best childhood friends, and they even sell wine under the label Senses.

A fun fact is that, in one episode of Max's Instagram is full of adorable pics of his family and behind-the-scenes shots of whatever project he's working on, but it's also chock-full of delicious meals and snacks.

“So we hustled.” @cstrieter adds, “Everything was sweat.

We used our own savings to get started, and we’ve reinvested everything back into the company". Sharing this photo of @littoraiwine in the #thieriotvineyard back in the day #winewednesday #sonomacoast #pinotnoir #chardonnay #senseswines #winelover #vineyard #harvest #wine D4 Out here with my crew.

Quite possibly the most meticulous grape farmer out there. #happyfathersday #fathersday #theroon #dad #farmer #vineyard Lg Gx KG6WYJGR Found this gem and had to share... I still wear that Santa thong every Christmas morning. #pinotnoir #cultwine #russianrivervalley #winelife Wh A8b D #throwbackthursday to Beaux repping his @49ers hat (on the left)..morning Maximus (on the right) joined the #49ersfaithful !

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