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It’s a pity that not all cheerleader/player relationships have such a happy ending.Zimbio Former Washington Redskin Chris Cooley divorced his first wife to marry cheerleader Christy Oglevee.“One little piece of advice: don’t rush to make it easier, make yourself better,” reflected Rogers.

They dated but have since moved on – Amanda works as a model and on TV in LA while Ladislav now plays hockey for a Czech team.

Listal Before Matt Schaub was a starting quarterback, he met his future wife Laurie – who was cheering on the sidelines in Atlanta.

It’s about growing and teaching our athletes to be respectful of themselves, their teammates and other people.” For years, the partners have toyed with the idea of expanding, and this year, things have fallen into place: Cheer Athletics is opening a second gym, this time in the heart of Austin, TX. He’ll have plenty of opportunities: so far, the reception has been staggering.

CA Austin—”CLAWstin” to those in the know (or at least the Twitterverse)—went from nonexistent to the biggest gym in town overnight.

(Co-owner Brad Habermel joined the fold in 1996.) The “hugs and high-fives” reinforcement and family atmosphere—along with high standards and high ambitions—also helped to attract greater numbers of motivated athletes from the Dallas area and beyond to their gym home in Plano.

“We didn’t have a formal mission statement, but we knew we wanted a team that would be the biggest and the best,” says Rogers of their initial approach.

Then the kids told their friends, and their friends told friends—and a powerhouse was in the making.

Cheer Athletics took home its first national title in the NCA Open Division in 1995, and the program more than tripled in growth the following season.

She had a brief relationship with former Raider Travis Waddell before joining a lingerie league.

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