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Judging Rushmore, it seems likely that Mason will probably not fade into adulthood.

Mason Gamble is a famous American actor, who was born on January 16, 1986.

It was a role that seemed pretty appropriate with the timing of it,” Gamble stated in regards to playing the role of Michael Murphy. My love will always be acting, to me it is a job unlike any other job.

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“I think a lot of young people are often at that transition in their lives.

I know I was at my transition in my life not to long ago.

Name: Dirk Calloway, student at Rushmore Academy Affiliations: French Club, Model UN - Mexico, Debate Team, Fencing Team, Trap & Skeet Club, Max Fischer Players, Kite Flying Society - Co-founder Played by: Mason Gamble Quote: "With friends like you, who needs friends? Although Mason is merely a teenager, he has been in Hollywood for a long time (well, relative to his age! Mason's big break came in the 1990's film version of Dennis the Menace, earning his starring role by beating out 20,000 other Dennis Mitchell hopefuls in a national casting call.

" Mason Gamble plays Dirk Calloway, Max's fourth grade chapel partner and protege. The young actor says, "Wes told me to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special. He has been a part of numerous other motion pictures since then including Just in Time, Bad Moon, Spy Hard with Leslie Nielson, and Gattaca.

Developing your mind and your ability to think critically is really important.

As an actor your mind is one of your most important tools.

(2001), Gamble played a golf prodigy who worked as a caddie at an exclusive country club.

Gamble was 14 years old at the time and had to learn how to play golf for the movie, although he “never really got into it.” , Gamble sported a drastically different hairstyle.

A state-qualifying pole-vaulter and a National Merit Scholar Finalist, he clearly excelled in high school, and Mr.

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