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In his book, The Evening Crowd at Kirmser's: A Gay Life in the 1940s, Ricardo J.

Brown confirms that Tyrone Power and Tallulah Bankhead were among thespians and movie stars who were bisexual. Santalo writes that "many stars of the silver screen, dating back to Tyrone Power," had been gay or bisexual.

Nevertheless, Power continued to have dalliances with both men and women alike.

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He was often seen in public with well known homosexuals, but he was so loved by the Hollywood community, that they turned a blind eye.

Power was liked and admired by men and women alike.

He took a six week trip to South America with his on-again off-again male companion, gay actor Cesar Romero.

Upon his return, he entered into a tempestuous relationship with Lana Turner, who was then the queen of MGM and between husbands.

While filming Solomon and Sheba (1958), he did his own stunts and worked outside in the grueling sun, often in heavy armor.

One afternoon on the set in Spain, during a dueling scene with George Sanders involving heavy swords, Tyrone collapsed.

The busy Hollywood social life, the smoking, drinking, all night parties and other excesses were beginning to take their toll.

He ignored the signs that he might have a weak heart like his father and continued to live as he always had.

A practicing bi-sexual, Tyrone was involved with several men during his career, among them composer Lorenz Hart (lyricist of the Rodgers & Hart song writing team) and fellow actor Cesar Romero, who provided details about Power's same sex activity in interviews after Tyrone's death.

Strikingly handsome Power had affairs with many of the attractive men on the movie lots.

His group of gay friends included director George Cukor and actors Clifton Webb, Lon Mc Callister (and his lover William Eythe), Cary Grant, Reginald Gardner, Van Johnson and bi-sexual billionaire Howard Hughes.

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