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‘So I started talking about that and the person I was photographing started laughing and forgot about themselves. I told someone the other day, “Look, when I turn my head my cheek follows a second later.” The magic comes when a sitter is not self-conscious.They thought I was more worried about myself, so they let go. If you see someone arrive at a party and they are self-conscious, unable to make eye contact, that will not be the person you are attracted to.But doing these charitable things has made me feel that I have got some of the priestly instinct back. ‘Everyone was asking me for one and you have this dilemma, do you give it to the editor of American Vogue, or British Vogue, or French Vogue? I ask what the villagers of Lima make of his jet-set life.

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million in a year.) Madonna was so impressed with the natural look Testino had captured, she booked him again and again.

‘When Madonna got pregnant I was with her taking pictures of her tummy moving, while hundreds of photographers were outside, desperate for her.’ He tried a similarly informal approach with Diana, for a Vanity Fair shoot in 1997, just months before she died.

That he had his hair dyed pink at the time probably didn’t help his waiting career either, but no doubt it helped him get noticed as a photographer. ‘I still have mortgages and still pay wages and the way things are going in my business even I could run out of money. ‘Sure we are going through an economic crisis but luckily I’m adaptable. But he was good at maths and went on to study economics at Lima University, where his insistence on wearing pink flares and platform heels around the campus ensured that everyone knew his name. But most of his work is in the US where he has a house on the West Coast and where he is a regular for Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Nowadays, Testino rarely stays in the same country for more than a couple of weeks, and when he boards a plane he turns left into first class, unless it’s a Lear jet or a Gulfstream. In recent months he has been travelling for reasons other than work. Stella Mc Cartney and Elle Macpherson were bidding against each other but didn’t win me.

He sits down in a favourite corner – this is his local, around the corner from his house in Holland Park – and, as he sips a frothy coffee, he reminisces about the second time he photographed Madonna.

It was in 1997, for the cover of her album Ray of Light. We’re done.” And I said, “But I don’t have the pictures yet.” She said, “You’re working for me and I say we’re done.” I said, “No, we carry on.” The picture she used on the cover came after that. I thought, I have to push my luck here, so I started keeking her like dis, with my foot.’ He gives me a demonstration, under the table. ” And I was, like, move here, move here,” and suddenly this created an eentimacy.In his role as a Save the Children ambassador he has raised money to build a playground in a Moscow children’s hospital specialising in cancer (because that was the disease his brother died of at the age of 10). That ball is for Aids victims, another charity close to my heart.He has also recently returned from Lima, where he opened a children’s clinic intended to help victims of the 2007 earthquake. Don’t get me wrong, I am no saint now; I can be terrible, getting plastered, being wild. I have had many friends die of Aids.’ He has had to stop donating sittings for the moment, though.Anyway, I am not really of that world, I just work in it. I think the relationship a photographer has with celebrities is different from the one an interviewer has. But I can be just as intimate and personal with a Peruvian villager as I am with a Hollywood actress.I’m not a dilettante who goes from party to party.’ He doesn’t? I don’t make a distinction between the celebrity and the non-celebrity.’ But they do.‘He sees me sexier than other people.’ Fond of imitating his thick accent she adds, ‘Mario is da best.’ But not everybody is a fan.

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