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O'Sullivan, 40, reportedly once said: "I could go out and play, but take me out of there and I couldn't do life." All that's now changed and his career is flourishing - he recently went to Buckingham Palace with Rouass, 45, to receive an OBE from Prince Charles."The 'Ronnie' show's back on - he really wants to be out there and take it all on, which is great," declares Rouass proudly. It's typical of his modesty that he doesn't understand why he's so loved and why he deserved it.

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You try and stand up for yourself, but it's really difficult when you've got 20 or 30 girls against you." Oh yes! She just doesn't have any limits - I think that is why people are going to love her. I was in Hollyoaks (playing cop Dale Jackson) when the call came through about Footballers' Wives.

My contract wasn't finished at Hollyoaks, so for a while I had to commute between Liverpool and London working on both shows. Coming from a Muslim family doesn't mean they lock up their daughters in veils all the time.

(Getty Images)Born in Dharamshala, Namrata Singh Gujral is a Sikh by faith.

She is the survivor of Burkitt's Lymphoma, the most aggressive cancer known to man.

It's funny - the really big names, like Shaggy and No Doubt and Bon Jovi, couldn't be nicer to get on with. I was a bit confused, but I didn't realise until I got home that he couldn't afford the meal. Some of the dresses were slit down to the belly button and I'm not that happy with my belly.

I was shown around Ronnie's house by his father, who told his son about meeting me.

Born to Gujarati couple in New jersey, Sheetal Sheth burst onto the scene with the groundbreaking film, 'ABCD'.

She played the role of a promiscuous young girl struggling with the ties of family and tradition. Born to Gujarati couple in New jersey, Sheetal Sheth burst onto the scene with the groundbreaking film, 'ABCD'.

I know how to get out of a car like a lady, what to say in polite society and how to flirt - which comes in handy - but I'd rather be training with the lads than learning to apply make-up. The biggest dating tip I took from there is don't seem desperate - play it cool. I've known him a couple of years and I met him through work, but we have only properly got to know each other in recent months. Obviously I have dreams, but I'm not working on Footballers' Wives thinking next I'll do a pop single or make a movie.

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