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She delegates Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd) — who decides to foster a child after this week’s episode — to look after a former patient of hers: Matthew (Justin Bruening), who once dated April but arrived a few episodes back with his pregnant wife.His wife delivered their daughter and died soon after — now, their daughter is having heart problems.

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Koracick then returned later in the season to help Amelia and Alex (Justin Chambers) as they tried to come up with an innovative method to treat a young patient who loves Broadway musicals.

During his visit, Koracick finds himself showing up to a game night at Meredith's house where he meets April.

What could easily be a ruse to keep Sam safe is actually a serious issue that just happens to benefit the doctors’ attempts to help Sam.

Miranda talks the officer through a heart procedure, and he admits to her that he doesn’t know what his work’s purpose is anymore. While this scene could be read as politically passive, the rest of the episode sees the doctors denouncing rising deportation rates and the officer’s presence in their hospital.

Although Meredith has good intentions, it’s unsettling to watch her march around the hospital telling several people that ICE is trying to pick up Sam — it could quickly put Sam in more danger.

The doctors that Meredith informs only want to help Sam, but still, without a scene that shows Sam giving Meredith permission to inform her colleagues of her situation, it’s nerve-wracking — especially because no one knows who or what brought ICE to the hospital.She will work as a cardiothoracic surgical intern under Dr.Cristina Yang, a former Grey-Sloan doctor and Meredith’s best friend.April also finds it hard to keep away from Matthew’s daughter.She, too, feels guilty for his wife’s death, and she has a feeling that the problem with the baby isn’t her heart, but something else.Last week’s episode almost tricked us into thinking Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) had cancer, and that wasn’t even its most tense plot line.

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