Who is eminem dating right now

He also told Vulture that he was meeting people on Tinder.

For now, the two rappers might be enjoying the attention Minaj's three-letter Instagram comment has brought them.

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@yg @2chainz @bigsean 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Told’em I met Slim Shady. 🤑💵💸." She also raps that lyric in the video she posted.

That caption was enough to inspire a fan to comment on the post, "You dating Eminem??? Minaj actually responded to the question, too, giving the fan a succinct "yes." Her response was just three letters long, but it's been enough to send fans and media alike into quite the tailspin.

We are sure that this question must have crossed your mind more than once, we hear a lot about the love lives of the stars, but his case is quite peculiar.

Surely you’d agree that this gives us enough reason to dig a little information up about Eminem’s love life.

Meanwhile, in 2002, he was rumored to have been dating Brittany Murphy sometime before the actress passed away.

She starred alongside Eminem in the hit movie, and it was speculated they dated for a brief period after that.At the time, Minaj tweeted that she was "single," writing on Twitter, As for Eminem's dating life, he told Vulture in December that he wasn't dating much after his divorce from Kim Scott Mathers.The pair were married and divorced twice, with their second marriage ending in 2006.It was all fun and games until 1995, when Kim discovered she was pregnant, in a bid to provide for his child Eminem doubled down on work.Nevertheless, Hailie was born on Christmas day that same year and her arrival put a strain on their relationship. His frustration and pent up anger birthed his alter ego, Slim Shady and believe us when we say that the difference was glaring.According to a recent response from the rapper herself on Instagram, Nicki Minaj and Eminem are dating — but don't feel out of the loop if you had no idea these two were even possibly a thing.

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