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He even had the temerity to claim that the child was not his.

I was aghast but kept myself together because of my condition. It then came to my attention that he was in a full blown relationship with another woman.

Who is derek ramsay dating now

In September 2003, when Austin was almost 3 months old, I decided to move back to Dubai with my child. In 2005, I sent a letter and a few pictures to respondent (from Dubai) of Austin. Austin entered school in Manila at Grade 4, and I shouldered tutorial expenses for that year (2011). Indeed, the effort of having to constantly remind and persuade respondent to give assistance caused me extreme stress since he was unresponsive most of the time.

He would answer my email messages three to four weeks after. After Austin graduated Grade 3 sometime in 2013, his teacher requested that he be provided tutorial assistance again for the next year.

It was never quality time as he always had either his parents, his nephews/nieces or other family members around. Respondent never acted as a father to Austin at all.

He is irresponsible and unfit to be around his son. He is incapable of making adult decisions and is extremely immature. Moreover, despite respondent’s shortcomings and misdeeds to me and Austin, he even had the temerity to have very public extra-marital relationships with other women–some are even celebrities.

Austin and I were very disappointed for this very shabby treatment as if Austin only deserved used and worn out items. The laptop given even had Angelica Panganiban’s files and her skype 10 was still logged in to the laptop. Because he did not even bother to have these erased, it was as if he was intentionally exposing us to his girlfriend and making us feel that we were only good enough for her leftovers. In September 2013, we requested that respondent provide Austin with his legal right of British citizenship, and a lumpsum for the next eight (8) years in rent/dental (excluding school fees for the next twelve (12) years of gradeschool/highschool/college).

Respondent and his family assured us that they would be working on the citizenship, the annulment and verbally agreed to the lumpsum. However, it took six months to even get a meeting set up to discuss the above.Attached hereto and made an integral part hereof as Annex “B” is a copy of Austin’s Birth Certificate. For the entire twelve (12) years of our marriage, respondent unduly and unlawfully subjected me and Austin to repeated emotional, psychological and economic abuse. I met respondent in a club through our common friends sometime in 2001 when he won the MTV VJ hunt. A few weeks to a month later, respondent and I began dating. When he got back to Manila, I contracted a ** disease, which I had to get medical treatment for.Eventually, I moved in with him at his apartment in Makati City. Our relationship was rocky as we fought all the time. The medical procedure was done in Makati Medical Center.During the meeting respondent’s father was present.They declared the amount we proposed unreasonable and father and son (respondent) raised their voices, threatened and verbally attacked me and my lawyer.Jolly-Ramsay attached as evidence their duly issued marriage certificate and the certificate of live birth of their son; among others.

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