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No idea why you voted for Trump, just confirming that you were exposed to Russian propaganda, but did not know it.

Everyone in the US was exposed to Russian propaganda, and vast majority did not know it. Also concerned about how they FBI worked so hard to elect Trump.

Can you imagine how people in State must feel that the President is entertaining giving a former US ambassador over to Russia for questioning about his work as US ambassador to Russia? Putin has invaded several neighboring countries, former USSR, over last few years (so there goes your theory of not attacking anymore). The point of collective security is to deter aggression, so that no one has to die for Danzig, including the Danzigers. Your response is meaningless far-right jargon that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said.

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Simply put, the Rothschild family is one of the wealthiest, if not THE wealthiest family on Earth.

They are a family of bankers that rose to global prominence during the Napoleonic wars.

Republican senators were all talk about distancing themselves from Trump's #Helsinki debacle, but then slavishly accepted his absurd "walk-back".

Hard to to disentangle Republicans and Trump until Republican leadership makes clear differentiation in actions, not just words.

If you were to hit your search engine of choice and type in "Rothschild Conspiracy Theories," as I just did, then you'd find there are roughly 243,000 results for that query.

Now there's a few reasons why it is this single family, family Rothschild, is associated with so very many conspiracy theories or conspiracy truths, and that is well - their behavior as a family for one. All that is known for sure are the faces, the names, the "official documents, " and the palaces so large that no King could live in them, only a Rothschild. Whether or not the Rothschild family follows Judaism or not is likely specific to individuals.If a comparison to another man is permissible here, then think of Evelyn as the British version of David Rockefeller.Concerning David's mother, well, her name is Victoria Lou Schott.David Mayer de Rothschild would be a direct descendant of Nathan Rothschild.If you're not aware of the billion and one Rothschild conspiracy theories available in books and on webpages, then ...well, you've just not been paying a whole heck of a lot of attention.We have used for 73 years to become the lone world super power.

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