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I’m not sure Thorpe’s possessive and domineering mother Ursula, devoted to him but sharp-tongued with it, really did say to him after his acquittal: “Of course, you’re ruined. ” Clever as Carman was, the reason Thorpe got off was the disgracefully loaded summing up to the jury delivered by Mr Justice Cantley.

There was much evidence against Thorpe about both the original homosexual and illicit relationship with Scott, and the subsequent events that were to end with a great dane, Rinka, being cared for by Scott, shot dead on the edge of Exmoor, on the dark rainy night of 23 October 1975.

Much of the script was based on documents, memoirs and the trial transcript, complete with its explicit references to anal penetration, Vaseline and “biting the pillow”. The conversation between Thorpe and his second wife, Marion, for example, over a supper of cod in parsley sauce (all the rage in the late 1970s).

So the choice of dish was believable, but how much did he tell her about his prior sex life and affair with the man nicknamed “bunny”?

Was there some wary chat with Carman about bisexuality, and how you could get beaten up after picking up random guys?

Hugh Grant studied English at Oxford, before pursuing a career in theater.

He worked in repertory and as an advertising copywriter before forming his own comedy troupe, the Jockeys of Norfolk.

He dated model Elizabeth Hurley from 1986 to 2000 (the couple founded Simian Films together) and dated socialite heiress Jemima Khan for three years. The bit of overlap between Hong and Eberstein's pregnancies has raised eyebrows, but Grant seems quite happy with this new and unexpected chapter in his life.“What has surprised me most is, I think, how enchanting I am as a father,” he told in 1994 that the handsome actor became internationally known. film debut, with Julianne Moore, Hugh Grant was arrested for engaging in a lewd act in a parked car with Hollywood prostitute Divine Brown.

However, neither Hurley nor Khan became the mothers to his five children. His charming performance as a fool in love earned Hugh Grant a Best Actor Golden Globe. The scandal and his mug shot instantly circulated through media outlets.

Of course, like all biopics of famous historic personalities, we know how it all ends, though in the case of Jeremy Thorpe, the great establishment figure who endured such a painful fall from grace, much of the detail may have been forgotten, or, indeed, unknown to younger generations.

After all, most of the rest of the people involved are dead, and no one under the age of 50 can remember the events firsthand. To borrow the expressions used by Thorpe’s barrister at his trial (for incitement to murder and conspiracy to murder), George Carman QC (played with huge, bustling style by Adrian Scarborough), of all the “bastards, liars, perverts, thieves, blackmailers, inbreds and arsonists” to make their way into the House of Commons, it was the Right Honourable Jeremy Thorpe who had the greatest of criminal charges levelled against him – an achievement of sorts.

(The new investigation was prompted by the evidence of Tom Mangold in a previously unseen However, when all’s said and done, Newton was granted crown immunity from prosecution in return for giving evidence at the 1979 trial of the four coconspirators including Thorpe.

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