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It's built for they more narrow backed horse of that era, rather than the broader stiockier horses of today.VINTAGE ARABIAN SHOW SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Beth from Washington The story that Beth heard about this saddle is that it was custom built for one of the top Arabian stallions in the United States in the early 1900's. VINTAGE ROPING SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Gregory from Tennessee The only marking on this saddle is the number 263. The saddle is a dark oil and widely tooled (common for this period), including a horse head on each of the fenders.

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It certainly isn't a classic Mc Clellan military saddle design, but it sure looks to be in that family.

It has a very narrow gullet/bar spread which was typical of military saddles as thinner horses and smaller riders were preferred for the calvary. PARADE SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Karen from Canada Karen just bought this flashy saddle in Canada where she lives.

VINTAGE PARADE SADDLE Roger from Nebraska Roger found this flashy vintage parade saddle in Colorado where it had been in the Buffalo Bill Museum for the past 30 years.

Roger tells us that it was custom made for Buffalo Bob of the Black Canyon who did Buffalo Bill reenactments. VINTAGE REID ERRINGTON SADDLE Bill from Michigan Bill aquired this handsome saddle over 40 years ago. Errington was a saddle maker in Texas and California before and after WW II and died in 1984.

REBUILT RT FRAZIER RANCH SADDLE Pat from North Dakota This handsome saddle was Pat's Grandfather's and carries a date mark of 1887.

Pat has resurrected this saddle from poor condition to gorgeous, having the saddle almost completely rebuilt.

For its fourth and final season, the show was Retooled and re-branded as the truth. (stares up into the sky) Lilly: (looks around, confused) ... Lilly: Oh hey, I thought you'd be uh, spying on your dad and his date. It's not like I'm twelve anymore, not like I'm gonna follow them into some restaurant and hide behind a potted plant and then get underneath the dessert cart when I can't hear them anymore.

Every time you try, you wind up getting caught, sitting on a bench, or the couch, or the porch where Dad says, "Bud, if you'd just woulda told the truth in the beginning yadda yadda yadda I love you."... you ride Blue Jeans, he writes a song, Yes, over the last fifteen years this pre-owned beauty has been driven around by heavy smokers and sloppy eaters, and one Wilma Mc Dermott whose cat popped out six kittens in the front seat!

VINTAGE BUCKSTITCH SADDLE FROM UNKNOWN MAKER Betsy from Mississippi Betsey purchased this vintage saddle on Ebay for just . meaning because it was in rough shape, the seller thought it's only use was as a source of parts. It's definitely a great representative of it's era. OLIVEREZ MEXICAN SADDLE Mike from Colorado This is a great example of a real "working saddle" - a stock saddle used to get the job done.

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