Who is bill frist dating

I’m an Adult woman who is 50 years old and this kid named José had so much Hostility towards me, I have never had any luck with the store and the last time I was in there a young girl stood and popped her bubble gum in my face.I set the phone on the counter and I walked out of the Store.

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🙄🤧😧 Reply Blue Springs Missouri store treat’s customer like dirt. That did not happen so I went to the same store in Tampa again.

Girl working counter told me my phone wouldn’t work. I was told that Metro PCS is refusing to release my phone number that was illegally ported back to T-Mobile. It is outrageous that it was so easy for an imposter to have my number ported out than it is for me to get my own phone number back.

In 2004, Metro PCS Communications began a subsidiary of Metro PCS as part of their restructuring.

At a time when most cell phone companies were charging high fees for data usage and international texting, Metro PCS was offering a flat $50 a month fee with unlimited texting and data, along with a $5 monthly plan which allowed for unlimited international texting, as well as calls to landline phones. This was followed by the launch of an LTE network in 2010.

His reply was should I just give you my phone so that my child can worry about me?

I was completely shocked at the rudeness and the manner in which I have been spoken to.Reply I had complain about they gonna say I pay my phone bill but my bank statement it says it was paid autopayment y’all keep cutting my phone off where I had proof it was paid on Thursday 22nd of this month and that not right I been paying my bill ND don’t never have problems I want to file complaint Reply I am furious about the assistance I have been unable to get from Metro PCS customer service with obtaining my own cell phone activity.On December 24, 2014 @ 1AM I received a ticket for talking on the phone.When I told her that didn’t make sense she told me I didn’t need the hotspot time anyway.Who is she to tell me that I don’t need what I paid for?Question 1: What is the phone number for Metro PCS? The first time I reported it the operator adjusted it to zero with no problem.

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