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She eventually agreed an out-of-court settlement with the actor and his aides."The one thing I want people to take away from today is that everyone has the power to stand up and say no" – @Anna Richardso#thatsharassment @Edinburgh TVFest pic.twitter.com/G1B6404g Xo— 5News (@5_News) December 8, 2017 Richardson was speaking as part of a panel discussion on Friday, organised by the Edinburgh International TV Festival in partnership with Channel 5 News.

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' "It kind of ruins the whole thing because you have such great expectations and this just takes all of that away." She continued: "They fancy each other in the first place and then they find out if they've got out anything in common." Richardson, whose TV credits include Channel 4's Supersize vs Superskinny, had an 18-year relationship with director Charles Martin.

She met comedian Perkins, co-presenter of The Great British Bake Off, at a party and revealed they were dating in 2014.

all I can say, there was an understanding between us and for me the planets aligned and I just thought, this person, it's not even about a woman, this person is absolutely extraordinary.

Anna Richardson described Sue Perkins as "extraordinary" "It was an extraordinary connection – it's been amazing".

Former High Court judge Dame Janet Smith – who led the Jimmy Savile inquiry – joined Richardson on the panel and said she was “not surprised” by the results.

She added that a major problem was the “culture of fear” which exists across the media world as well as a lack of job security.

I don’t care who you are – it’s not OK,” she added.

She urged anyone who had suffered harassment or bullying to go to the “very, very top and make them listen”, before adding “take legal action”.

“The industry hasn’t changed.” In 2005 Schwarzenegger failed to block a court action brought by Richardson who alleged she was libelled by the then-governor of California and his campaign workers Sean Walsh and Sheryl Main in an October 2003 article in The Los Angeles Times.

She had claimed the article implied she “deliberately and dishonestly fabricated” the allegations that the Terminator star touched her breast when she interviewed him at London’s Dorchester Hotel in December 2000, as part of his promotional tour for the film The Sixth Day.

Presenter Anna Richardson has claimed the “toxic” film and TV industry has failed to improve its approach to sexual harassment more than a decade after she alleged she was groped by Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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