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In 1935, the country officially changed its name to Iran.

From its earliest beginnings, ancient art in Persia was a major influence on the visual arts and culture of the region.

Items of ancient Persian art are exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York) and the British Museum, London.

The first upsurge of Persian art occurred during the Achaemenian Dynasty era of the Persian Empire, under the influence of both Greek and Egyptian art.

Persian carpets and silks were exported as far as Byzantium (present-day Istanbul) to the west and Turkestan to the east.

However, the most striking relics of Sassanian art are rock sculptures carved out of steep limstone cliffs (eg.

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Coloured roofs, using ceramic tiles in blues, reds and greens were also a popular part of Persian architecture.

With the decline in figure drawing and figure painting, one popular Islamic art form which developed in Persia was Illumination - the decoration of manuscripts and religious texts, especially the Koran.

Gold Chariot from the Oxus Treasure (c.600-400 BCE) A collection of some 180 pieces of gold and silver metalwork from the Achaemenid civilization of Ancient Persia.

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