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Initially Joe scoffed at this idea, out of distrust for his role in the particle accelerator accident, but Wells managed to convince him that he had the resources to save him whereas no doctor anywhere else did.

Despite knowing that Wells was indeed Barry's best chance, Joe didn't trust Wells and knew something wasn't right about him, yet allowed Wells to take Barry out of desperation to see Barry better.

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Barry intervened, zapping the cats with static electricity, making it seem as if Eddie had done it.

Barry returned, smelling of poo, prompting them to believe that he'd soiled himself.

Also, before he could escape, Mardon's plane was blown to pieces by a shock-wave from the explosion of S. As Iris was too distraught to be in the building, Joe began stressing but was approached by Dr.

Harrison Wells, who offered his medical assistance in his lab.

By the time that they arrived there, both the strongman and the Flash involved in the altercation had left.

When Barry arrived back at the crime scene, Joe suggested he take finger prints of one of the men.

"You always want to be the person who sees the best in people. All I can see is the flaws, the lies, the dark thoughts that people think I don't see. As fast as you are, THAT is your real power." is a police detective of the Central City Police Department.

Joe is also the husband of the late Francine West, the father of Iris West, Wally West, and Jenna West, the foster father/father-in-law of Barry Allen and the boyfriend of Cecille Horton.

He went on to reiterate that Barry's father was a murder, as had been proven, and it was an obvious fact. Not long after, more police arrived, including Detective Thawne, Joe's new partner.

Eddie showed Joe the sketch artist's illustration from a suspect, which appeared to be the apparently deceased criminal, Clyde Mardon.

Joe carried an unconscious Eddie outside by their car while they were powerless against Clyde Mardon.

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