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In the meantime smiling kurds waved the flags on the ruins of the city and Western viewer swallowed the picture happy with American army beng so great and powerful.Looking at the photos and videos from raqqa one inevitable comes to a conclusion: the American “prevailed”, the could destroy the city during 4 months like real battles could not destroy Aleppo during 4 years.Many news agencies report the news of the week these days: American-Kurdisj troops liberated terrorist capitalcity of Raqqa for the second time in a week.

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The real situation is much worse: more than several dozens of terrorists sit in the basements of that once-peaceful city and the Kurds loyal to US (SDF) flatly refuse to take part in the assult operation as cannon fodder.

SDF report that there are a lot of city quarters waiting to be liberated. The operation lasts quite long, number of «liberated» territories were controlled by terrorist quite nominally, and the US-controlled thugs have already left the city.

Iraqi forces advanced on several key strategic locations across America early this morning, securing Trump Tower in New York, as well as the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

Kameni admitted he was overwhelmed by the emotional welcome they received from the oppressed people of America.

“Children in the streets, openly weeping and hugging us, mothers giving us flowers.

The people were so appreciative of the new found freedom we had bestowed upon them, I will never forget this moment,” Kameni told WWN, fighting back the tears.

Our president will be able to agree with reasonable Kurds in the North of the ountry. Even «happy winners» van hardly answer that question.

According to NBC TV channel there is unified position on Syrian matter in Washington. as you know, are to be chased away with a pigpen broom!

“We know what is it like, and we were saved from it all in 2003.

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