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One of those cases involved real estate disclosure issues in which the parties began very far apart, both as to whether there had been a failure to disclose and as to the resultant harm.Don worked hard throughout the day, and in the end, Don was able to bridge the gap and settle the case. I was defense counsel on a slip / trip and fall case involving complicated injuries and medical causation issues, and a plaintiff for which it appeared there may have been client control problems.

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When you're involved in a difficult legal dispute but don't want to have to go to court, California Arbitration & Mediation Services in Inland Empire, CA, may be able to help. We're available every day of the week for any comments, questions, or concerns you might have about our mediation and arbitration services.

“We're a fully recognized mediation and arbitration service that approaches every case with great attention to detail. Being prompt is an important part of our company's mission.

Don skillfully worked with the plaintiff's camp to explain the risks of litigation, the process, and the issues to help educate plaintiff as to the correct value of the case, and the best course of action.

This also saved my client significant fees in trial preparation and the need to continue to hold the file open.

I enjoyed a good rapport with him during that case and thought highly of him and his approach to litigation.

I found him to be thorough, reasonable and always able to maintain his sense of humor and to be courteous and professional while still skillfully advocating on behalf of his client.

Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Neutral Donald Cripe, appointed by the court to attempt resolution of an acrimonious family probate at the time it was called for trial, did an awesome job in crafting a settlement that responded to each party's specific needs.

He knows how to bridge the gap between litigants in getting the case resolved . Though this case was small, I will use him for large IE employment cases too. I've used him several times when he was on the mediation panel for the San Bernardino Courts and privately. My experience with him brought to me a better understanding of the entire process and how fairness is quintessential to arbitration. I have used Don Cripe for several family law mediations.

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