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Seven and B'Elanna are not so compliant with the solution.Sequel to A Mile - After the trek of the long mile, B'Elanna and Seven have found more than they bargained for when they discovered the love they held for each other.Caught up in a bitter rivalry with the voracious Borg Queen's want for Seven and the strange appearance of species 342, the two lovers make a desperate last-ditch effort to stop the insidiousness of the Collective's conquests.

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Will she and Janeway meet again to face more challenges and to, finally, acknowledge their feelings?

Seven is captured by the orders of a Mualan because she is Borg, the results of her capture result in an appeal to the Mularan goddess Mulara.

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Not only must she pretend to be a student she is suddenly given a Klingon as a room mate. Seven's just arrived on Voyager and been freed from the Collective, but anything she might have thought or imagined her future could hold for her, will not prepare her for the Journey she has set out upon.

And along the way, perhaps she can even help mend a broken heart?

Be with Kathryn ten minutes and it's like you grew up together. She enters the Academy disguised as a human female to solve a mystery.

And yes some of this is from a previous story I once started but never finished. Who or what is driving away all the hopeful female cadets?

Acting covertly, following a direct hail from the planet Rogen 5, Janeway (having discussed it only with Chakotay) controversially beams down to offer her assistance.

It seems that the political Prime Leader of Rogen 5, Teglan Jansius, is under threat from a telephathic rebel faction and Janeway decides to bend the Prime Directive, a step that will possibly land her in a whole lot of trouble.

some characters make a guest appearance as someone else... B'Elanna and Kathryn, they have ten years and a universe of differences separating them. Kathryn is storm-eyed, redheaded, and given to big mocking smiles.

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