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Life takes some effort; keep working and you'll meet success. Favorite memories: Martha's Vineyard, M*A.*S*H cast party, Halloween Party, both Proms, the Maverick in Mr.

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Specialists In The World's Finest Since Cheese 1 850 THE CHEESE SHOP OF BELMONT 38 Leonard Street Belmont Centre 484-6524 Paula Gomez Come in and Taste the Difference Party Platters for graduation and all occasions LIEB'S DELI & RESTAURANT Cleanest & Finest Deli in Belmont 47 Leonard St. Belmont, Mass, 02178 484-5230 Murray Sandler and Bill Higgins Skate & Sport Supply 60 Concord Ave., Belmont, Mass.

Phone: 484-9836 larion „ft U monl 258 Blanchard Road Belmont, MA 02178 Open Thurs.-Fr L Evenings r V. BREMIS REALTY RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL 3 DANA ROAD LARRY LAVOIE, Pres. 623-2500 over 3100 houses sold r 'A OAKS HARDWARE CORPORATION PAINT • HARDWARE • KITCHENWARE 2 & 4 Church St., Waverly Sq. Box 301 (617)484-5100 Specialists in Ice Skating, Tennis & Racketball Equipment Oberhamer — M & K — John Wilson Blades Danskins — Davis — Wilson — Dunlop Bancroft — Prince — Yamaha J V "N PET FOODS TROPICAL FISH EXOTIC BIRDS ALL ACCESSORIES BELMONT PET SHOP “YOUR PETS BEST FRIEND" C. COLOTTI, OWNER 434 COMMON STREET CUSHING SQUARE 484-4216 V 188 *Dec.

The seniors would like to express their great appreciation and respect for Coach Bartley. Second row: Helen Hansen, Kathy Oram, Elicia Ellard, Theresa Di Giovanni, Kathy Caputo, Susan Kronic, Pam Egan, Nancy Scali. 489-2676 r ^ Belmont Music 64 Leonard Street Belmont, MA 02178 V J 190 Thanks “ Donors: Patrons: Mr.

Our record does not represent the dedication of both the athletes and our coach, Richard Bartley.

We owe an abun- dance of gratitude to both of these fine individuals.

I could go on forever thanking all the people who helped make our four years such a tremendous success. But sleep, though sweet, is only sleep, and waking, I waked to sleep no more, at once o'ertaking The vanguard of my age, with all arrears Of duty on my back. *"Hot Blooded"* Giant Bud Tall*electric buns* "it was a noise we had never heard before ... *BODY ROT*Mark on (& off) the moguls* Bucko-Bonzo*Someone is going to get hurt*Who's got chalky hands ? D's shop (and the follow up dinner), this yearbook, Alg II classes (best ever), JN, JP, JD, MR, JB, BC, DO, LF, LG MM, KA, RR, LD, BD, BT, MA, BG, FC, SC, DN, GF, SG, TM, Al, BO, ET, and all the rest. Bunyon June 14, 1963 — May 28, 1978 When I find myself In times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be And in my hour of darkness She is standing Right in front of me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be Refrain: Let it be, Let it be Let it be, oh Let it be Whisper words of wisdom Let it be And when the brokenhearted people Living in the world agree There will be an answer Let it be But though they may be parted There is still a chance that they will see There will be an answer Let it be Refrain And when the night is cloudy There is still a light that shines on me Shine until tomorrow Let it be I wake up to the sound of music Mother Mary comes to me Speaking words of wisdom Let it be Refrain — Lennon and Mc Cartney 178 Richard Whalen April 20, 1963 — September 8, 1979 Long time a child, and still a child, when years Had painted manhood on my cheek, was I — For yet I live like one not born to die; A thriftless prodigal of smiles and tears, No hope I needed, and I knew no fears. We will all have to go our separate ways, but the memories of our four years will never be forgotten. Who can forget the ski weekends at the Indian Head Motel with Mr. We were so well liked by the Motel that they never called us again. This season has been special to all of us; one which we'll never forget. 1 ■i ■k Tni Wm 1 Hk ^^ Jafg^-7 ; W£ » j fl fty / KSa A v [y Jp^p Cn -71 | H / « i Sfl Stf . ^ /I ^ / x /j&i '■ \ i •' HHT s-’'**™ ’ - »£ r m \ SHbfc J53BL~ p \ 162 f Otp HO fi K. 'tifavtr -w$ m lgzr- * 5 Vfocw* 164 172 ■9 1 174 My relationship with the class of '81 has been special to me. Rocky (Deep inner meaning, Operon) Ger- many, Aku-Aku, Polyglot Rodents, Sharon There's a light .

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