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You can't open the saved schema in the project's Schema Designer. To make editing easier, you can automate increasing the column widths to match the content by setting the Data Grid View's Auto Size Columns Mode property value to All Cells or Displayed Cells, which adds a horizontal scrollbar to the control. Figure 1-13 Drag the Data Table icon to the form to automatically add a column of labels with associated data-bound Controls -- text boxes for this example -- to the form.Add a Data Grid View and Binding Navigator Controls Opening Form1 and the Data Sources window changes the appearance of the Data Source nodes. Persist and Reopen the Data Set The project's frm Data Grid View_Load event handler includes the following code to save the Northwind Data Set's XML data document -- with and without an embedded schema -- and the schema only. Figure 1-14, which is a modified version of the Generated Data Grid View project, shows the labels and text boxes rearranged to reduce form height.Learn why you shouldn’t get distracted by new DB technology, how Facebook is using a RDBMS to do the data slicing and dicing they can’t in Hadoop, and more. NET and typed Data Sets are the preferred method for retrieving and updating relational tables, although Data Sets aren't limited to processing relational data.

Adding a typed Data Set generates an XSD schema, Northwind Data for this example, and adds 1,197 lines of VB 2005 code to the Northwind Data Set. Partial classes are a new VB 2005 and C# feature that enable extending a class, such as Northwind Data Set, with additional class files. Read Xml(str Path "Custs No Schema.xml", Xml Read Mode.

VB 2005 uses the Public Partial Class class Name statement to identify a partial class file. Auto) The real-world scenario for persisting and reloading Data Sets is more complex than that shown here.

VS 2005 data sources automatically create Data Set Relationships between tables, which previously required manual intervention. To verify the properties of FK_Orders _Customers, open Northwind Data in the Data Set Designer, right-click the relation line between the Orders and Customers tables, and choose Edit Relation to open the Relation dialog (see Figure 1-17).

Data Connectors simplify code for navigating data tables. Figure 1-17 Relations you define by adding related tables to the Data Sources window don't enforce referential integrity by default.

Expand the Customers node to display the Customers table's columns, as shown in Figure 1-8 The new Sql Connection object you created in preceding Steps 3 through 5 appears under Server Explorer's Data Connections node as Server Name. You can rename the node in Server Explorer to a simpler name, such as localhost.

Northwind; doing this doesn't affect dependent objects in your project.

Figure 1-11 "Surfacing" is a common term for adding data and other components to the tray. Customers) End Sub Private Sub data Navigator Save Item_Click(By Val sender As System. To add a related Orders Data Grid View control to a copy of the Generated Detail project, do the following: 1. Auto Size Rows Mode property value to Displayed Cells. The Orders Data Grid View control's Data Source property value is the Orders Binding Source.

Here are descriptions of the four tray components shown in Figure 1-11: Data Components, Data Connectors, and Data Navigators are new ADO. NET 1.x's form-based Data Connections and Data Adapters. Copy and paste the Generated Detail View folder, and rename the new folder Orders Detail View. Optionally, alter the form's Text property to reflect the design change. The Orders Binding Source's Data Source property value is Customers Binding Source and the Data Member property value is FK_Orders_Customers, which is the foreign-key relationship on the Customer ID field between the Customers and Orders tables.

Add a Typed Data Set from an SQL Server Data Source ADO.

NET uses the term data source as a synonym for a typed Data Set with a predefined, persistent database connection. NET data source is similar to using VB6's Data Environment Designer to specify an OLE DB data provider from one or more tables.

Choose Data➪Show Data Sources to open the Data Sources window, if necessary, and click Add New Data Source to start the Data Source Configuration Wizard. On the Choose a Data Source Type page, accept the default Database type, and click Next to open the Choose Your Database Connection page, which displays existing data connections, if any, in a dropdown list. Click the New Connection button to open a simplified Add Connection dialog, which usually defaults to Microsoft SQL Server Database File. SQLEXPRESS in the Select or Enter a Server Name combo box.

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