Virus definition distribution not updating

But it now had today's definitions, so I did a bit of settings configuration and let it be.

My own Vista PC testing the same Avast 7.x continues to speak the audio message at least once daily, saying that it has updated its virus database.

Well, today my Avast 7 decided it doesn't want to update itself yet again (I'm stuck at '170324-0'). If you allow Avast to update daily, or just leave your computer running 24/7, there is no problem.

However, if it's left off a couple of days you WILL run into this glitch.

So the solution is, if you run into this glitch, wait a full 24 hours. If we go by the theory that Avast releases a new X.0 version every year that would make version 7 almost ten years old. Could got possibly think that the definitions are incompatible with an engine that old? You might as well say that we were playing sticks and stones back then, like real stone age stuff. To advise people to stay with old outdated software is not only wrong but could be construed as criminally negligent. Any IT person worth anything would tell you you need to keep software up to date. It's no longer safe to use and could end up being exploited with a malformed media file to exploit my system. So with that being said each layer needs to be maintained and updated properly. Avast 5 through 8 however are still supported with official definition updates (almost daily) from its publisher.

Then, and only then, download and manually install the latest VPS definitions. That alone isn't safe considering God knows how many exploits could possibly be found in version 7's kernel mode driver that could be used to do God knows what kind of havoc on the system. I'm sorry for being the person who thinks logically and not with his emotions. It's not dangerous per say running these, but there is the potential for problems and inconveniences, just as I'm experiencing right now.

At this point though I'm constantly just fighting with the program, and not something I'd feel comfortable leaving unattended.

Think I'll just upgrade to Avast 11.x with as lean an install as possible.

Best to just uninstall Avast 7 and directly install a newer version.

Just thought I'd pass along a warning because if you don't have a system restore point, you may find yourself in a bit of a mess. And if we rationalized releases of the Fire Fox browser that way, it would now be celebrating its 51st birthday ! I'm going to use that in the future...'-}}With the respect to having installed the more current version--I suspect 17.x is probably the most current version--it will probably be ok.

I'm not saying definitively that Avast will add stuff, but since I found it once, I figure they might do it again so I run Auto Runs and check the "Scheduled Tasks" tab regularly.

I wonder what it is in SP3 that causes the problem?

So, I made a manual restore point and told Avast to upgrade itself (it was offering version 9).

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