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The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) reported that in 2011, 750 prostitutes and 300 pimps were arrested.

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In addition, children are trafficked due for the need for prostitution in other countries.

One non-governmental organization estimates that the average age of trafficked girls is between 15 and 17, although the average age of girls trafficked to Cambodia is estimated to be much lower.

Echoing the plot of Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly, Kim falls in love with and is left pregnant by a client who is a white American soldier with a wife at home.

After he has abandoned her for his American wife, Kim realizes her child's father will never return and shoots herself.

What would happen if we recognize sex work as a profession but fail to manage it later on?

” Prostitutes would congregate at bars where service members would frequent, and offer their services.

One soldier described the maids as being, "..Catholics who might flirt with you but would never date an American soldier." At a conference it 2011, a paper presented by Vietnam's Labor Ministry, said 9.3% of prostitutes in the country were infected by HIV.

However it was considerably higher is some areas: Hanoi 20%, Ho Chi Minh City 16%, and Hai Phong 23%.

Sometimes, the prostitutes and women who had intercourse would get pregnant.

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