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You can tell because any time her hand crosses in front of these areas, there's a blurred/ pixellated region that forms in between them.

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She just looks washed-out and Gollumesque without it408850It has an all over blue filter setting, that one you mentioned, and another face editing one that smooths your skin and makes your chin smaller.

There are tons of settings, I’ve only had it a few days and haven’t messed with it much but it’s super easy.408918oh you’ve probably inadvertently complimented her, anon.

For an accurate depiction of what the face looks like to the naked eye, most photographers agree that either 35mm or 50mm is the best).

You can tell by the fact that only her face is in focus, and anything from her ears back is blurry.

she used to desperately emulate and shoop herself to look like russian and models like Vlada Roslyakova (pic related)come to think to it, she was looking up to and copying the “porcelain doll-faced” models of the mid and early 2000’s for quite a while.

not even the living doll thing was original.408663Thanks AE anon, she def uses motion tracking in her vids since the dawn of time and it flubs whenever she moves a certain way.

i thought that was a clear indication that she maybe shrunk the lower half of the frame (her jaw).408691Yep, she distorted the entire video.

It's easy to do in most editing programs and that's why her face looks so squished.

The first is an Australian model in Japan who goes by Keirashley on Twitter.

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