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As I'm watching this I'm thinking this is going to be another one where everything's a chore, but I was so wrong.

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A spokesperson for UNHCR told Buzz Feed News: "We can say there is movement from refugees into Croatia, but we are unclear of how many, and are awaiting to hear from people on the ground before we decide whether to send more teams."The UNHCR said it was working with the government to ensure the entry of refugees is "manageable" and that those who may seek to stay Croatia will have access to effective asylum systems.

Left over landmines from the Balkan war during the 1990s pose an additional threat to refugees traveling from Serbia and Hungary through to Croatia.“This is one of those dreams that has come true,” said Delbonis.“I tried to keep focused to do what I had to do, that’s all I could think because if I thought about anything else it would be a disaster.” Argentina coach Daniel Orsanic added: “The guys were amazing today.

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