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I tried talking to her, but something didn’t feel genuine to me.I saw a tuk tuk (can’t remember what they are called in Cambodia but a motorcycle turned into a taxi) and I motioned for it to come pick me up.M3thie definitely ranks high up on the entertainment level, but I didn’t deal with her to often so there are only a few ‘journal entries’ about her.


She was one of the sexier girls in Sihanoukville (maybe the best ass in the city, as well as a sexy face, similar quality to the girls below) so I put up with a lot of her BS. But the great ass always had me coming back for more.

I was posting on a forum during this time and have gone back and copied a bunch of posts (apologies for bad grammar) about a few of the more entertaining girls I was dealing with.

She had the best English of anyone I had met in Cambodia yet and our personalities clicked pretty well.

There was one thing I absolutely loved about her, her smile. She was 19 years old and she was studying at a local university.

I booked a flight from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

I had heard a lot of good things about Cambodian Girls especially from Around the World in 80 girls, a book about a guys adventures traveling the world.

The one that had the most attractive girls with good response rates was

I was able to set up a date for later that night rather easily and two hours later she was outside my hotel in a taxi.

He talked about Cambodian women like they were some of the best and sexiest girls in the world. “I have heard good things about them too.” “They will blow your mind, Mate.” He told me with a wink.

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