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Some municipalities permit circuses to use the local circus lots free of charge. A fine example which more municipalities should follow.Unfortunately, in some municipalities the trend is in the opposite direction: the rent for circus lots increases.

At the same time they had fewer visitors than usual. The quality of the performances in the Danish circuses was like previous years very high.

Both in the 3 large circuses (Circus Arena, Circus Benneweis and Circus Dannebrog), in the medium sized Circus Baldoni and in the 3 small circuses (Circus Arli, Circus Krone (a Danish circus having the same name as the mighty German circus) and Circus Mascot.

Normally, the temperature at that time of the year is a couple of plus Celsius degrees.

Due to the cold start of the season all circus had to use at lot of diesel to heat the tents.

BENNY SCHUMANN produced performances for Elsinore City Centre.

CIRCUS MASCOT could be seen at the Herning Centre and Aalborg Shopping Mall.

But after one of the leaps he didn’t get hold of a brace and was instead clinging to the wheel's outer edge.

The centrifugal force meant that he couldn’t keep his grasp and he fell several meters down to the ring.

For the fifth year in row the Danish circuses had competition from DR television’s Big Band and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation’s Circus Summarum.

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