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But Fareed Zakaria, the “loosened the format” of television reporting.

At times, the aesthetic of the show is somewhat overblown: the editors, who, over the years, have demonstrated a penchant for opening segments with blaring rock music, never miss an opportunity to cut to raw imagery of carnage, including shots of a severed hand.

Its correspondents participate in the stories they’re covering—in another North Korea story, a reporter joins refugees on an “underground railroad” as they make a nighttime border crossing. And I found myself thinking, This is our twenty-first century? Where children are used as transportation devices for dynamite.”Long before Vice began its experiments with participatory journalism, Hunter S.

It operates a record label, which, in 2002, began putting out albums by such of-the-moment bands as Bloc Party and the Raveonettes; book and film divisions (Vice recently helped market the R-rated “Spring Breakers,” directed by Harmony Korine); a suite of Web sites; and an in-house ad agency. O., “The over-all aim, the over-all goal is to be the largest network for young people in the world.”Vice’s most significant move has been from print to video.

These ventures are united by Vice’s ambition to become a kind of global MTV on steroids. On its You Tube channel, which has more than a million subscribers, the company has branched into more serious journalistic fare—a recent series was titled “In Saddam’s Shadow: Baghdad 10 Years After the Invasion”—though it still has features like “The Biggest Ass in Brazil” and “Donkey Sex: The Most Bizarre Tradition.”Vice executives sometimes refer to their company as “the Time Warner of the streets,” and in the financial press there is occasional discussion about the price a potential sale might bring.

Smith, on a propaganda tour, had seen the basketball, signed by Michael Jordan, that was given to Kim Jong-il by Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, in 2000. He is both garrulous and profane—he often drops F-bombs into a sentence, along with a line from Wordsworth or Yeats.

In one video, shot in Yemen, the filmmaker Spike Jonze, a friend of the founders, asks Smith to describe “the Shane Smith character.” Smith calls himself “the poor man’s Hemingway.” His summary of his life style: “Bon vivant, storyteller, drunk.” The otherworldly roar announced the entrance of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, who succeeded his father in 2011. Rodman has a reputation for wild sartorial choices—pink hair, a wedding gown—but he was dressed with relative restraint.He sat on a dais, where he was joined by his wife, the former singer Ri Sol-ju, and, a few moments later, an unlikely guest of honor: the onetime Chicago Bulls star and cross-dresser Dennis Rodman. He wore a tuxedo jacket, black track pants, wraparound sunglasses, a black sequinned scarf, a black hat that said “USA,” and various lip and nose rings.called the episode “More ‘Jackass’ Than Journalism,” and pointed out that, in light of the regime’s abuses and recent reports of cannibalism among a starving population, “those remarks and current headline on the Vice Web site that ‘North Korea has a friend in Dennis Rodman and Vice’ seem a bit, well, tasteless.”Vice has never been celebrated for good taste.The company started in Montreal, in the mid-nineties, as a free magazine with a reputation for provocation.The company’s cameramen were in the crowd, filming for a weekly news-magazine series, “Vice,” that will air this spring on HBO.

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