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Shen will play the show’s plucky heroine, Shan Cai, while Dylan takes on the role of beloved bad boy Dao Ming Si, who falls in love with her.

Darren plays the sensitive Hua Ze Lei, who loves Shan Cai in secret, Connor plays Mei Zuo, and Caesar plays Xi Men.

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Another is a gentle, loving, crippled man who eventually loses most of his senses (Yu – Liu Rui Lin).

Lastly is an arrogant man who is her first love and also the one to break her heart (Feng – Zhang Bin Bin). They are appearing on Happy Camp (recorded on 1/22) so most likely this is true or near the date!

Since she was afraid of heights, she had to put on a brave face but was really shaking inside and he muses that it was cute the way she handled it.

, the story focuses on a lively and passionate Ru Ge (Dilraba), heir to a big estate, and her entangled love with three men in her life. One enters a life of immortality just for the chance of meeting her again, yet he’s cursed with an unrequited love forever (Xue – Vic Zhou).

But fans of Vic Zhou aren’t disappointed as well: he has been active in the entertainment industry, coming out with solo albums and acting in yet other popular dramas like While news of him dating Reen Yu isn’t a secret, just yesterday, it is now revealed that both of them are getting married.

*Cue the cries of girls who are still hoping that they can marry the sensitive guy Hua Ze Lei* According to Apple Daily, Reen Yu has been like a mother to Vic Chou, taking care of him by buying meals and doing his laundry.Among them, only Yan remains as a charming bachelor.Vanness Wu was the first to get hitched as he tied the knot with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo in 2013.The reason to stay anonymous is simple: a writer won’t want his girlfriend to read an article like “10 things boyfriends hate about their girlfriends”, right?Yesterday afternoon, a Thai woman came out to say that she’s been raped by Vic Chou, Taiwanese singer-actor who rose to fame back in 2001 as a member of boyband F4 and the popular television series Meteor Garden.Some girls even cursed the protagonist Daoming Si for breaking up the relationship between Hua Ze Lei and Shan Cai, the female protagonist in the show.

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